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Clergy Abuse

Have you or someone you love been abused by a member of the clergy?

When you have been the victim of sexual abuse at the hands of a clergy member, you deserve to be compensated for the suffering, humiliation, shame and other emotions that often accompany these types of abuse cases.


Often, individuals who have suffered this kind of sexual abuse have troubles in other areas of their lives. This has been shown to be the truth in countless cases throughout the country.


Clergy abuse cases are often extremely complex and carry with them immense emotional difficulties.

The firm of Schwimer Weinstein understands the complexities of the legal process that a survivor will need to go through to recover from his or her physical and emotional suffering at the hands of a clergy member. If you are a survivor of clergy abuse, there is no better ally than an aggressive and experienced attorney with your best interests at heart. You can trust us to stand as compassionate, successful advocates of your legal rights.


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