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Schwimer Weinstein, LLP, is a boutique civil litigation law firm in Los Angeles that is distinguished by the experience, quality and dedication of our attorneys in the aggressive pursuit of our clients’ goals. We are always available to address our clients’ needs. Representation is efficient, cost-effective and results-oriented. Integrity is paramount.
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Legal Consulting

Outside General Counsel/Concierge


Attorneys who are trusted business consultants
The attorneys of Schwimer Weinstein guide our clients through a multitude of business transactions, including contract agreements, negotiations and litigation avoidance counseling. We’ve also advised businesses on employment law and provided counsel regarding their employment practices and employment manuals.


We offer smart, cost-effective options for small to medium-sized companies that either can’t afford the expense of an in-house counsel or who worry about the financial impact of “billable hours.”


Outside general counsel services
For companies who can’t afford the expense of an in-house counsel, outside general council (OGC) is an excellent solution. It allows your company to leverage the experience of one of our top business attorneys for as long as necessary without the cost or commitment of hiring someone full-time.

The benefits of an outside general counsel are many:

  • Ideally suited to help you assess and address your occasional legal needs with less impact to your bottom line.
  • Provides another executive on your team without committing to hiring one.
  • Proactive at risk management, heading off problems before they occur
  • A savvy business advisor that interfaces well with business stakeholders.


Schwimer Weinstein currently provides OGC services to various industries including food distribution, entertainment and real estate.


Concierge services
Our concierge service takes the “billable hour” aspect off the table. In this case, a client pays an annual fee or monthly retainer to have an attorney consult and advise on both legal and non-legal matters. In exchange for the retainer, one of our concierge attorneys would then be on-call to help the client make an informed business, financial, legal or even a personal decision.


Let Schwimer Weinstein help protect the time and money you’ve invested in your business by providing you with sound, dependable legal counsel.


We can help. Contact Schwimer Weinstein for a free, no-obligation consultation.