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Rent Control Violations

Rent Stabilization Ordinances, or rent control laws, don’t just cover the amount a landlord can charge for rent. They also protect the tenant from wrongful eviction, require the landlord to maintain safe dwelling conditions and provide many more important protections.


However, rent control laws are complicated. If you live in a building under rent control and believe that a violation has occurred, you should contact us immediately.


Know your rights

For instance, if it turns out that your landlord has been illegally charging you excessive rent, or adding charges they’re not entitled to, you may be able to recover three times the amount that you paid as compensation. Rent control remedies such as this underscore the importance of an attorney who can ensure that your rights are protected.


What to do if you’re being evicted from a rent controlled building.

It’s vitally important to consult an attorney right away. The cities of Santa Monica, Los Angeles, West Hollywood and Beverly Hills maintain strict rent control laws and ordinances that give additional protections to tenants within their jurisdictions.


In the City of Los Angeles for example, there are only 12 reasons that a landlord can legally evict a tenant. In addition, many times there are also specific steps that a landlord must follow exactly before an eviction can be legally completed. That’s why it’s so important to consult with us as soon as possible.


We can help. Contact Schwimer Weinstein for a free, no-obligation consultation.